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I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan until age 17. Japanese tea was always part of my daily routine. I always drank tea with meals, between meals and after meals. When I came to the United States, I was shocked that it was not easy to find the tea I liked with the decent price and quality. 

I started the company “Spilled Tea’ to share high quality organic single origin tea that are directly imported from farms in Japan. You will see a lot of blended green tea and matcha on the market today.  I find single origin tea very unique because tea taste can change every year due to the weather. That being said, you can taste pure tea leaf. Once you drink the tea, you will never taste exactly same tea. All tea will be one of a kind. My purpose is to deliver tea farmers’ incredible craftsmanship, passion and highly selected high quality tea to customers. Hoping to be a part of a support of your healthy lifestyle. Our body is an important asset for ourselves to live happily. We are what we eat. We need to choose products wisely, know where the tea is from or how the tea has grown in order to give positive influences mentally and physically.  It is very important to deliver teas that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The organic single origin teas that are sold on this website do not include any addictive so that you can taste and smell the natural tea leaves. We process minimally and deliver the premium tea to you so that you can experience pure and natural tea.