Do you know what you just ate?

Do you really know about what you just put into your body?  We’re a company created for people who care about the answers to this question.  For every tea on our website, we include information about who grew it, how it was grown, and what makes it special. 

It’s only fitting that we answer these very same questions about us!

Truth in Tea


Our Founder

Spilled Tea was founded by Yasuko Quinn’s belief that she should be able to drink tea that is free of:

·Indentured Labor

She found that the only way to truly know what she drank was to visit the actual estates where the tea was grown.  Through her travels throughout Japan she would bring home cases of teas that were made in specific fields by particular farmers who followed only the purest of practices.  Through Spilled Tea she is bringing this knowledge to you.


Purity Through Simplicity

Spilled Tea is dedicated to sourcing organic tea from single estates because we believe that this is best way to ensure exactly what you are drinking. 

Often estates can tell us the the exact field and date of harvest. In knowing the field and farmer we can have confidence that we are bringing you the best product.


Grown In Japan, Curated in Brooklyn

Based in Brooklyn, we connect Japanese tea farmers with the international public which value knowing more about the tea they drink and the care that went into it. 

Throughout the year we are in touch with tea estates to both learn more about their harvest and how this year’s weather is impacting the flavor. 

No two estates are the same.  No two harvests are the same. Every cup is an unique experience.



We make every effort to optimize your tea drinking experience.  Our tea goes through final packaging at or near each tea estate to seal in the freshness and minimize the chance of oxidation. 

Unless its labeled as a vintage tea, all our teas were harvested during the previous spring or summer.  Generally the harvest month is clearly stated.

All our tea is sold in resealable pouches so that flavor is maintained to the last cup.

A Purer Tea for a Purer You

Spilled Tea is hoping to be a part of a support of your healthy lifestyle and want you to feel good about what you put into your body. 

·We strive to find the purest product

·We process and package minimally