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How to Make Iced Matcha in 4 Easy Steps

This is an easy iced matcha recipe with classic matcha flavor.  Given the simplicity of the recipe, its an ideal recipe to taste the nuanced flavor of our favorite single origin matcha.  Pairing distilled or mineral water with an organic matcha for this recipe results in an extremely pure and healthy drink.  We like to use our favorite single origin organic matcha.

No chasen (matcha whisk), No chashuku (matcha scoop), No chawan (matcha bowl) required.  Once you get a feel for the amounts, the only tool necessary for this recipe is a water bottle or any container that has a lid that will keep the liquids in when vigorously shook.  I like to use a basic mason jar because it is easy to see through and has a more rustic feel than a plastic sports water bottle.


Start out with a jar or bottle that has a seal-able lid.  The container should be 16 oz or more.  You then fill this bottle with a good amount of ice.   I like to fill the container half to 2/3 full so as to get the matcha icy cold, but not so much that I’m left with a bunch of ice that has matcha powder stuck to it.


Add 1 teaspoon of of matcha power to the ice.  Matcha powder is kind of like flour, in so much that its best if its sifted or poured through a sieve.  That said, using these utensils are a bit tedious if you are on the go.  I just use a teaspoon and a like touch to scoop out the matcha.  Once I have the necessary amount, I hit the spoon against the container instead of simply dumping the powder onto a single pile in the ice.  The more scattered the matcha, the less shaking is necessary to form the ideal suspension in the ice and water. Once you have your technique down for this step you’ll have this simple iced matcha recipe mastered!


Pour 1 cup (8 oz of water) into the jar.  Again, anything you do to dissolve the matcha powder and create a mixture when pouring will decrease the potential for gritty powder being left stuck to your ice or container.


Close the lid on the container.  Shake vigorously until the powder is completely dissolved.  These videos are useful if you are not sure how to shake a drink. This should take about 30 seconds.  Done properly you will create suspension that has a small froth at the surface.  The texture from this easy iced matcha recipe should be similar to a iced cocoa.  



1.Fill one third of glass with ice cube  in a water bottle or mason jar with lid. I use 16 oz mason jar. 

2. Add 2g (1 teaspoon) sifted matcha. if you have a sieve, you can place a sieve on the top of mason jar. 

3. Pour 8 oz (1 cup) of water.

4. Put on a lid and shake it until matcha powder is completely dissolved, which is about 30 seconds. 

This easy iced matcha recipe is delicious and healthy.

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