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Shin Kazuho Matcha Whisk by Tango Tanimura (Black Bamboo)

Shin Kazuho Matcha Whisk by Tango Tanimura (Black Bamboo)

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A handcrafted Chasen for whisking matcha is made by Tango Tanimura who is the 20th generation of the most famous Chasen making family in Nara prefecture, Japan. His family has been carrying on the tradition of making bamboo Japanese tea ceremony utensils for over 500 years.  There are nearly 100 different types of chasen. The various tea schools use different forms and bamboo of chasen.

Black or White?
Most Chasens are made of white bamboo, which is called Hachiku. Black Bamboo chasen, which is called Shichiku is less common than white bamboo chasen. Black bamboo Chasen has black patchy patterns but it is a natural beauty of the bamboo. Black bamboo chasen are a little bit softer than white bamboo chasen. Therefore, black bamboo chasen are tend to be less breakable than white bamboo. ※chasens are consumable items. They are natural, handcrafted and delicate items so you will need to replace when the shape breaks down.

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Storage Instruction

The best method to store your chasen is to leave it on a chasen stand away from direct sunlight. If you do not have one, make sure to store it where the fine tines won’t be damaged by other utensils.

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