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Miyazaki Estate Sencha Powder

Miyazaki Estate Sencha Powder

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The Miyazaki Family started tea farming in 1930. In 1983, the Miyazaki Estate started growing tea without any pesticides and chemical (synthetic) fertilizers.  Their tea is famous for producing gorgeous electric sencha powder that is very smooth.

Sencha Powder looks like matcha but it is ground green tea. The tea leaves from Ichibancha (first picked tea of the year), which is the most flavorful and has a beautiful fresh fragrance compared to the second and third picked tea of the year. They use Dry pan-fried kamairicha makes tea aromatic, mild and slightly sweet.

The health benefits of catechins, antioxidants, and polyphenols found in green tea has been widely researched by heath professionals. Sencha powder, because it is mixed in instead of strained and thrown away, delivers even more of these benefits in every sip. Miyazaki Estate Sencha Powder is packaged in single serving sticks that make drinking healthy as easy as taking your daily vitamin.

Product Details

Cultivar: Yabukita Blend

Origin: Miyazaki Prefecture, JAPAN

Farmer: Miyazaki Family

Altitude: 700 meters

Tasting Note: Smooth, Rich

Net weight: 20g (0.7oz)

Brewing Instructions


Put 1 stick (1g) in the mug or bottle with lid.
Pour 7 oz / 200 ml, 175 ºF/80ºC of hot water
Stir or shake

Put 1 stick (1g) in the mug or bottle with lid.
Pour 7 oz /200ml – 14oz/400 ml water
Stir or shake
Add ice cubes

Storage Instruction

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